Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

What a decade this year has been! Or at least at times, it felt that way. 2020 & 2021 have been a time like no other but personally, these two years have brought about some wonderful life-changing events for me.

To backtrack a bit, In January 2020 I flew to Asia to film season 1 of my new series “Me, Myself & The World” ~ The Art of Solo Travel. I was commissioned to make the series for a streaming network – so I wrote and produced the show, hired a camera guy, and flew to Southeast Asia to Host it. We covered Bali, Indonesia; Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, and Hanoi, Vietnam; and Bangkok, Thailand. It was 28 days of some of the most invigorating experiences I’ve ever had… and some of the longest work hours I’ve ever logged. At the end of January, with over 200 hours of footage in hand, I headed back to LA ready to edit.

Next up, February 2020 ~ a friend of mine was getting married in Italy. But this was no ordinary wedding… this was a royal wedding! I flew to Rome and enjoyed eight days of exploring narrow streets, off-the-beaten-path attractions, and gelato every day at 4 pm. The wedding was an experience like no other, including a nearly 2000-year-old church filled with flowers in every direction, a white horse-drawn carriage, and an Austrian waltz – it felt like Cinderella’s story was alive and well! (Photos link)

March 2020 brought on new surprises. In early March I got covid and of course one might think I had picked it up from being in Asia or Italy but oddly enough the doctors at Cedars and UCLA informed me that covid had been in Los Angeles since Nov. 2019 so I most likely picked it up right here in LA. Following the rules set out by Los Angeles Public Health, me (and my 103° fever) dutifully contact traced** everyone I had been around… And while my friends and family were concerned about my health –  the same can’t be said for others… as I was threatened with lawsuits for “contaminating LA.” With all the misinformation the news and Public Health were dishing out, people were uninformed that coronavirus had in fact been in LA for quite a while. The good news is that I qualified to donate convalescent plasma to those in need and had the distinct pleasure to personally meet LA patient “0” when we were both giving plasma.  The patient told me that they had been at UCLA with covid since Nov 2019 and had never traveled outside the US.  It was sure nice to learn information firsthand. Besides donating plasma, I was lucky enough to take part in a worldwide release of a 3D printable mask ( designed by a friend – I created the “How-To” videos! The Smithsonian has added the mask and our journey to a 2020 Time Capsule for inclusion in a future exhibit.

Ok, here is where the love story begins… I proceeded to call my insurance broker to get advice on how to protect myself from these misinformed people threatening to sue me – to which he passed me over to his twin brother Brodie who handles the commercial side of insurance.  I have actually known my insurance guys (Jason and Brodie) since high school and Brodie and I had recently run into each other at a Christmas party. When Brodie heard what was happening, he proceeded to check up on me every day until I was better. The quick “check-up” phone calls slowly turned into wonderful long calls over the weeks… And although the world was shutting down for the pandemic, Brodie showed up to take me on a date to watch the sunset, and eat my first “real” meal after recovering! Long story short – We dated all through the pandemic and one might say we developed a wartime romance. You hear stories of people who fell in love in the middle of a war and wonder how it’s possible but the simplest of things become the greatest joys, and to share that with someone and rely on someone during a time such as this draws two people close, quickly.

I am happy to announce that in February 2021, Brodie proposed and I said YES!  Brodie is a wonderful man; kind, loving, giving, an All-American athlete, and handsome to boot! I believe this is the time where I tell you that our relationship was fate, and well, yes, I do believe it was… but I’ll leave that up to you. Here are the facts – just the facts ~

  • Brodie and I were both born at the same local hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA. … which, by the way, closed just days after I was born.
  • There were only two incubators at this small hospital – which Brodie and his twin used during their stay; and which I used a year later, so we may have even been in the same incubator!
  • Our birth certificates are signed by the same person.
  • Our two best friends (Estee & Jack) are married, and Brodie and I were originally scheduled to walk down the aisle together at their wedding. Estee recently turned up a picture of Brodie and me dancing at their wedding – a 90’s throwback!

It’s magical to have Brodie in my life and we look forward to getting married sometime in 2022!

And now, back to the show…With over 200 hours of footage from Southeast Asia, I began editing my new series in April of 2020 and 3 episodes aired on The Family Channel. But as the pandemic took hold, the company brokering the deal went out of business and I was left with my series in hand but no home for my show. Over the last year and a half I have continued editing additional episodes and have created what’s called a ‘pitch deck and sizzle reel’ to sell/license my series to networks and streaming platforms. Additionally, I created 2 more series concepts that I am in the process of pitching and selling.  Below are trailers for two of the shows (3rd is under wraps). If you happen to know someone in the industry that can help get these series on-air, I can send you the full presentation to forward … and of course (as they say in Hollywood) your commission check will be “in the mail”. Lol!     Below are links to photos from 2020/2021 and of course my series promos! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas Happy New Year 🥂 

~Love, Pamela & Brodie

***Sidenote: Out of the 70 people I contact-traced not one (I repeat, Not 1) person came down with covid. I am so sorry for those who have lost loved ones during this time. May we find unity through truth… together!